Monday, October 29, 2012

still-sound 119. Blue

Today the moon is technically full but to my standards it was equally full yesterday as I drove home from work.  It hung heavy and swollen in the upper left hand corner of my windshield.  Against a pale pink 6 o'clock sky, it appeared translucent. 

When I walked into my kitchen I placed a bouquet of blue flowers I had been given into a white vase with water.  I noticed the fragrance of mint as I unwrapped the blossoms from the brown florist's paper.  Who knew to put sprigs of mint in a bouquet?  I'm glad someone did.

I reckon the flowers will live for five days.  Maybe six if it's not too hot.  It's an unusual and beautiful assortment.  Fronds of fern lift their prehistoric simple life forms out of the vase and point away from the orbs of hydrangea.

I quickly put on my sneakers and began to run through Elysian Park before it got too dark.  The moon had already lifted higher into the sky.  It had gained brilliance and saturation and reflected on the white coats of dogs going for walks, giving them an ethereal glow. I ran for nearly an hour.  I had earbuds in my ears the entire time but I never turned the music on.

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