Thursday, October 18, 2012

still-sound 116. Rain

It rained all day last Thursday.  It was the first rainfall in Los Angeles since early spring.  When Rosie and I came back from a soggy walk in the morning, I baked a pumpkin bread from a Trader Joe's mix.  It seemed like a nice thing to do on a cold, wet day.  I ate slices of it, still warm from the oven.

I drove James to the airport in the afternoon and a downpour forced everyone on the freeway to slow down to a crawl.  On my way back I decided to pop into the CVS drugstore to get change for the washing machine.  The aisles in the front of the store, marked 'Seasonal' lured me with plastic pumpkins, black witches and bags of candy.  The air smelled strongly of cinnamon. 

I bought a can of Pringles for $1.50.  I delighted in the prospect of getting only quarters in change.  I asked the young girl at the cash register if I could please have my dollars back in coins.  Her face filled with a cheeky smile and she said "I suppose...just this once."

I came home and looked at a rainbow outside of my window while eating Ranch flavored Pringles.

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