Sunday, October 7, 2012

still-sound 112. Combs

This morning feels like a Sunday morning in Fall.  The heat was beginning to break through, but the night chill still clung to the ground as Rosie and I walked through Elysian Park.  There were few cars.  An older couple walked past speaking Mandarin to each other.  I often see them.  The man usually waves and says "Hi" when he sees me, but today he was concentrating on his conversation.

When I finish my coffee I'm going to have a shower, shave my whiskers and comb my hair.  I will use a comb I purchased at Ross Cutlery, an old shop in downtown Los Angeles that sells all manner of knives and blades.  I suppose their selection of barber's supplies came about as an off-shoot of their straight razor collection.  I asked the gentleman behind the counter which comb I should purchase.  He recommended large ones.  I didn't particularly like the way they looked.  I chose a small black comb made in Germany.  It says MASTER BARBER Junior in gold.  Apparently it's a barber's comb, not really intended for the amateur.  I like the thought of grooming with a precision instrument. 

The small white comb is for my moustache.  It provides a nice contrast to the black comb.  This is how they look propped up in a black glass jar in my bathroom:

I would love to go on a long bike ride today.  Except I have to go to work shortly.  And I don't have a bike.


  1. Supposedly, Ross Cutlery was the place that sold OJ Simpson the knife..

    I hope you got a chance to see inside the Bradbury. For the first year I was at The Times our offices were there.

  2. Oh Tom, what a sinister twist to the story indeed. I did check out the Bradbury. How lucky you actually got to work in such a beautiful place. Los Angeles is so funny. You would never know from the outside that the inside is so spectacular. Although the outside is pretty amazing too in that Chicago Louis Sullivan way.