Thursday, November 1, 2012

still-sound 120. Tuba

One of my neighbors appears to have a tuba.  In the last few weeks I have opened the door to my balcony to be met with a lugubrious tonal splatter.  I can't tell where it's coming from.  My amateur tubist neighbor doesn't play any actual songs with his low brass.  Just an occasional, ornamental toot, toot, blaaah.

When I was in Seoul a few years ago I met a woman named Shi-ne.  She told me about her cousin who, when serving in the army (something all Korean men have to do) was commanded to learn to play the tuba.  Until then he had never played an instrument.  The point was to master a task for which you may display no inherent talent.  He learned to play adequately and served his country by marching along in the army band.

toot, toot, blaaaah.

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