Thursday, March 20, 2014

still-sound 203. A lamp & a picture

A few weeks ago a cold made me miss two days of work.  I stayed home and slept.  Despite feeling miserable, I was delighted by the light in my room.  The blinds on my window filtered the sunlight adequately to create a soft, white glow.  I felt like I was sleeping in an Ingmar Bergman film.

Yesterday I hung a small Noguchi Akari pendant lamp next to my bed.  It blends into the wall during the daylight hours leaving a soft shadow against the wall.  At night it produces a warm, golden light allowing me to leaf through J Crew catalogs.

The lamp didn't suit the black framed drawing hanging on the wall a few inches away.  i cut out a photograph from an album my dad made in the 1960s and placed it in a white frame.  While he was alive I never truly appreciated dad's creativity and never regarded him as an artist.  This is because he never regarded himself as an artist.  He thought he wasn't fancy enough.

The photo on my wall is beautiful.