Wednesday, October 3, 2012

still-sound 111. Hocus Pocus

I particularly enjoyed drinking this wine last week.  It's called Hocus Pocus.  It's a pinot noir from Lompoc, California.  The label shows a stage magician with a perfect handlebar moustache levitating into midair.  Here's a closeup:

When I visited a clairvoyant in March, she revealed that I had been a stage magician in a former life.  As a kid I used to pray for magical powers.  I grew up Catholic and understood that persistent, sincere petitions to the Virgin and Jesus would grant your wish, however extravagant.  Maybe my young self was missing the extraordinary powers I enjoyed in my former self.  Though, as I understand, I was a stage magician, a conjurer, and probably had no special powers at all except to deceive. 

Right now I wouldn't mind having some magical powers.

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