Wednesday, October 10, 2012

still-sound 113. Geranium

Look at this odd contraption.  I cut back my geranium plant and attempted to regenerate some of the cuttings.  I kept them in a vase for a couple of weeks, hoping that roots would begin to emerge like fine hairs.  Two of the cuttings simply turned brown.  I threw them away.

One cutting, the heartiest of the bunch, seemed to be doing just fine.  Although I still didn't find any trace of roots, I decided to plant it in soil anyway.  The only cup I had that provided any drainage was a coffee strainer I made in porcelain.  It's too small to effectively support a paper filter so I'm glad that it serves a purpose as a geranium pot.  I placed the strainer on a vase, to lift it up a bit and to collect any drained water.

I really don't know if this cutting will take root.  Only time will tell.  I've had success in the past.  In fact, I'm pretty certain that the plant I have on the balcony came from a mother geranium I originally bought four or five years ago from Whole Foods.  I love geranium because of the scent it leaves on your fingers when you rub the fuzzy leaves.  Sort of like a cross between lavender and mint.

Look how new life sprouted from the plant I so viciously cut back.  Seemingly overnight. 

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