Friday, May 1, 2015

still-sound 214. Oh Good Grief!

The other morning I listened to a Vince Guaraldi record called Oh Good Grief!  I had heard one of its songs on the radio last week called 'You're in Love Charlie Brown'.  There were more electric instruments on the track than what I would have expected from Guaraldi.  The early 70s vibe of it made me think that Stereolab must have listened to this album a lot.  I found the record on Ebay and a few days later started playing it at home.  Schroeder is crouched over the piano on the cover and Snoopy has glasses and a mustache.

I completed my morning by brewing some coffee and snipping some flowers from my garden and putting them in a vase.  The purple flowers are heliotrope.  I don't know what the blue ones are called but I did grow them from a packet of seeds last year.  I like how the leaves look like dill.