Sunday, June 30, 2013

still-sound 179. Cheesecake

I recently watched an episode of At Home with Venetia in Kyoto in which Venetia visits with her old friend Charles.  She befriended him shortly after arriving in Japan some forty years ago.  He convinced her to move to Kyoto rather than to stay in Tokyo.

When she arrived at his home on the episode they greeted each other in English (Charles is American) then continued the rest of their conversation exclusively in Japanese.  She explained how the move to Kyoto had proved to be essential in her development as a person.  That Kyoto was the 'true Japan' - the Japan that intrigued her.  She told her friend, "Charles, your name is now synonymous in Kyoto with cheesecake."


Apparently Charles introduced the magic that is New York cheesecake (he's originally from New York) to the people of Kyoto, making it and serving it in his cafe.  He, Venetia and Venetia's grandson Joe made a cheesecake together.  I desired cheesecake as I watched the episode.  Desired it.  I thought about it all week.

Today on my way to work I stopped by Trader Joe's and bought a frozen New York style cheesecake.  It defrosted through the day and at 4 pm Laura suggested we start eating it.  We agreed that it was perhaps the most delicious thing we'd ever eaten.


  1. You have not lived until you've had the cheesecake at Sweet Lady Jane..

    1. Sounds very interesting. I haven't tried their cheesecake. Their chocolate decadence cake however...

    2. I only tried it twice: once 10 years or so because my friend from New York insisted we stop before picking up my godchild at her school (when a New Yorker tells you it's good cheesecake, listen.) The second time was when Portia was here. We stopped and started chatting with Jane and she insisted we have a piece on the house. It's still the best in town.

      But I still usually will go for the cake..