Wednesday, July 3, 2013

still-sound 180. Vinny's

I went to Vinny's Barbershop on Virgil today for a trim.  I wasn't due for a trip to the barber until next week but I wanted to look nice for a 4th of July BBQ tomorrow.  I am ordinarily very loyal to Ian in Burbank but I thought it was time to mix things up a bit.  Sometimes you just have to.

Angel cut my hair.  Very carefully.  At the end of the trim he shaved below the nape of my neck and then splashed on bay rum.  I love the smell of bay rum.  He applied a vibrating metal object to my shoulders which massaged them.  I saw him do this to the client before me so I knew that it was part of the service.  I looked forward to it during the entire cut.

The barbers talked about their 4th of July plans.  Someone on the telephone was told that the shop would be closed for the holiday.  The barber who took the call relayed the conversation to the rest of the shop and imagined saying "Well, you know, we're closed tomorrow because we're AMERICAN!"  "Where are you calling from?  Afghanistan?"  Omar, the owner called out his name disapprovingly, to which he replied "It's okay dude!  I'm Persian!"  This made everyone laugh.

I am very happy with the cut.  But I had to restyle it when I got home because Angel gave me a look I wasn't comfortable with.  Like an 80s Korean pop singer.*  It was easy to rewet it and make myself look more like me.

*Not his fault by any means.  I was very vague about how I wanted my hair styled.  The 80's Korean pop singer look is probably much cooler than the Steve look, but I wasn't prepared for it.  At 41 years old, I am slow to adapt.

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