Wednesday, June 5, 2013

still-sound 173. Mirror

Someone stole the piece of plastic that covers the back of my side view mirror.  I noticed that it was missing when I drove home from the swimming pool last week.  There was no sign of damage, no apparent grazes or cracks.  Someone deliberately and cleanly removed it.  I guessed that it had happened the night before when I was enjoying a drink at 1642.  I returned to the scene of the crime to look for clues.

I thought that maybe a drunk dude with a great sense of humor removed the mirror cap and perhaps threw it on to the sidewalk a few paces later when the plastic no longer amused him.  This did not seem to be the case in the light of the bright Southern California daytime however.  There was no glossy black shell on the sidewalk.  I crossed the street and continued my inspection.

There was another black Mini Cooper very similar to mine, parked in front of a house.  I had noticed it in the past.  My eyes wandered to the side view mirror to remind myself of the glossy plastic cap that was so abruptly taken from me.  Only this car didn't appear to have the cap either.  The wires controlling the automatic mirrors were as naked as mine.  "What a weird coincidence.  Perhaps someone on this street has a Mini Cooper passenger-side-rearview-mirror-cap fetish" I thought.

I know that my Mini Cooper brother stole the cap.  It's hard to understand why he would think to do that rather than to order another one.  It was probably easier to take my cap than to arrange for a $153.78 replacement.  For a second I considered stealing it back (if it, in fact, appears on his car.  I haven't returned to that street since last week). Or maybe scratch the pristine surface with my key.  Or leave a note asking him for $153.78.  I won't do any of these though.  I'll just not park on that street again.

This morning I picked up the replacement mirror cap.  My car looked so complete.  Even more complete than back before I realized that such a thing could even be missing.  I drove directly to the carwash and scrubbed off the entire incident.  But before washing I walked over to Ms Donuts to get change.  And to eat a doughnut.


  1. That's the problem with customizable parts like that. Making it easy to take it off and switch it for the flag one or the contrasting one or the chrome one means it's easy to steal one if you break yours.

  2. Aside from a house, a car is the second biggest investment everyone avails. That’s why it’s understandable for you to be upset. Though it’s a relief that the man responsible only removed your mirror cap and did nothing else, like smashed your window and whatnot. Anyway, it’s good to know that you’ve found a replacement immediately. At least you can move on from that terrible incident. Take care!

    Gale Freeman @ Crash Auto Glass