Monday, June 24, 2013

still-sound 178. Blimp

Today was funny.  I wore at least three different fragrances.  Dream by Gap in the morning.  There was something about the fruitiness of my new hair product that made me think that Dream would be a good idea.   In the afternoon I misted myself with Neroli 36 by Le Labo.  It smells like suntan lotion.  The last fragrance, and my favorite of the day was Champaca by Comme des Garcons.

When I got home from work I went for a run in Elysian Park and watched blimps float over Dodgers Stadium.  I listened to several songs while running including We Belong by Pat Benatar.  I recently added it to my playlist.  I remember liking the video when I was a kid.  Pat wore a large emerald ring in it.  It's all you noticed when she clapped her hands in time to the music.*  

I kept hoping that I would see the moon looming over the horizon.  Yesterday it was the closest to Earth that it will be all year - but the sky was somewhat cloudy and the effect wasn't as spectacular as I anticipated.  Tonight I couldn't find it anywhere.  As though it decided to not rise at all.

*I rewatched the video to We Belong just after writing this and found that my memory took a few liberties with the details.  There was no emerald ring.  There were emerald-like earrings.  And green gloves.  And a childrens choir.  And a waterfall.  I did remember the waterfall and the childrens choir accurately however.

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