Monday, June 10, 2013

still-sound 175. Meowsic

I went to Target today to look for colorful things. I was on a mission to decorate the perfume shop where I work in a summery way.  I found a few suitable objects.  Target is good for things like this.  Seasonal things.  As I walked to the checkout my eye got stuck in the toy section.  I was in colorful-plastic-object mode so I thought I might see something in that particular aisle that would capture my imagination.

I did.

It was a piano in the shape of a cat.  It was called Meowsic.  I wanted one.  I wondered what it would sound like.  It cost $26.99.  I didn't know if this was a good price for a Meowsic or a bad price.  I didn't buy it.

I like visiting Target.  Everywhere smells like buttered popcorn.


  1. You could come over an play with the one I got for my daughter! It's pretty neat. It has so many great features like a meow button so that when you play a key it meows to that note. It also has a marimba button so you can create your own Steve Reich compositions! Not only that, it has a microphone. Hours of fun. Might stop by the shop with it . . .

  2. P.S. Also LOVE that vintage Cheshire Cat graphic.