Monday, June 17, 2013

still-sound 177. Flower district

You might think these are real fruits.  They're not.  They're made of plastic.  I bought them today in the flower district downtown.  I'll display them in the perfume store where I work to encourage people to think about summer and fruity smells.

A young woman rung me up at the cashier.  She spoke to her colleague the entire time she scanned the items.  I didn't mind.  My purchase reminded her of a recent incident where a young boy thought the fruits were real and attempted to bite into one.  

Her story didn't ring true to me.  I figured that the boy probably knew very well that the fruit was not real but pretended to be fooled for comedic effect.   Why would a young boy pick up any fruit in any store and just start eating it?  

I didn't react to the story.  I pretended to be lost in my thoughts.  Her colleague didn't seem to have much of a reaction either.  When I thanked her at the end of the sale I was surprised by the gravelly, deep sound of my voice. It didn't sound like me.  I liked it.

Here's another picture of the fruits.

On my way back to the car I walked through the Flower Mall.  I saw multicolored hydrangea.  They were real flowers but I suspected that their color was achieved through artificial methods.

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  1. You can change the color of Hydrangeas by amending the soil- adding aluminum sulfate and lowering the PH of the soil to get pink ones to go blue. Lime and phosphorous will make them pink.