Thursday, January 31, 2013

still-sound 144. Giraffe

I brought my friend Yvettra to 1642 last night.  On my first visit to this bar last week, I made the lifestyle decision to pop in weekly. Forever or until further notice.  The Hi Fi Honeydrops play every Wednesday.  I thought that Yvettra would like their 20s Duke Ellington sound.

We remarked that the bar smelled nice.  Couldn't put our finger on it.  "It smells nice and old" was my exact assessment.  Jude joined us moments later and also made reference to the nice fragrance of the room.  He suggested that it resembled 888 by comme des garcons.  I liked where he was going with that.  

Jude brought two blue bottles of sparkling water to the table.  Yvettra and I drank wine.  The band started to play and I was taken by the bass player's voice.  She was away last week and a guy with a red shirt and red cheeks took her place.  Her voice was earthy, plain and pretty.  She ornamented her notes with tight vibrato flourishes.  Yvettra and I decided that she should wear Bois de Paradis by Parfums delRae.  The guitar player in front, who seems to be the band leader of sorts, should wear Pour un Homme de Caron.

As Yvettra and I left the speakeasy and entered the cold Los Angeles air I couldn't help but notice a large sign of a giraffe.  Part of its long neck appears to be in an x-ray.  You won't be able to tell from this picture, but its eye is dazzlingly blue.

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