Sunday, January 27, 2013

still-sound 143. Deerhunter

This is the inner sleeve of Deerhunter's album Halcyon Digest.  When I had my hair trimmed at Franky's Barbershop in Silverlake, Franky reckoned I would like Deerhunter, based on my admitted preference for dreamy, ethereal music.*  He also mentioned that the lead singer of the band was "really tall".  Franky and I seemed to share an unspoken understanding that this detail was somehow considerably important.

Franky was right.  I love Deerhunter.  I want to say that they inhabit a territory between My Bloody Valentine and The Pixies.  But that wouldn't be exactly right.  

Halcyon Digest comes in white vinyl.  This was a pleasant surprise.  Look how sharp it looks on my turntable.

I found some older music from Deerhunter; namely Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey.  Both are equally dreamy as Halcyon Digest but considerably more psychedelic and wall-of-soundy.

*I learned that the barber's name is not, in fact, Franky.  Unfortunately I don't know his name. Franky was his dog.

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