Wednesday, January 23, 2013

still-sound 142. 1642

It was my intention yesterday to drink away some of my sadness.  I called on my friend Katie to help me achieve my goal.  We met at a bar called 1642.  I had been meaning to go for several months.  Ever since Ramesh told me about it.

I sprayed on a fragrance called Sweet Dreams 2003 by A Lab on Fire.  It smells like honeysuckle.  Simple, natural, fragile.

The bar doesn't look like a bar from the outside.  I felt awkward opening the front door because it looked like it would lead to a stranger's grotty apartment.  I did open the door though and I found a charming speakeasy inside.  I ordered myself a glass of Gewurtztraminer.   Katie arrived shortly and had a glass of Zinfandel.  We talked and drank until two musicians started to play at the back of the bar - one fellow on the piano and one fellow with a banjo on his knee.  They played ragtime.  They sang along to one of the songs.  Their voices were full.  As I chatted with Katie I thought that the entire bar was singing along.  

The guy with the banjo sort of looks like me in this picture.  But I assure you, it was not me. I'd like to be the sort of guy who could play the banjo though.  Bluegrass plucked fluently from my fingers. 

I had another glass of Gewurtztraminer.  So did Katie.  My heavy heart felt one notch lighter.

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