Friday, January 4, 2013

still-sound 137. Lightfoot

From this picture wouldn't you think that this Lightfoot's Athletic Soap fell from a tree, like a pinecone, landing gently on a bed of pine needles?  It didn't.  I staged this photograph.  I can't help it.  My father was a commercial photographer and would spend afternoons finding attractive angles of pumps and hospital equipment for trade catalogs.  I believe it's in my blood to find glamor shots of objects.

I found this soap at a shop on La Brea called General Quarters.  It's styled in such a way to make you feel like you're stepping into an army supply shop circa World War I.  Utilitarian, manly and functional in an olde time way.  There's a barber's chair in the back and a bottle of small-batch Bourbon.

The soap is apparently made from pine.  It doesn't smell like pine.  Smells more like Irish Spring - very bracing and fresh.  I like it and look forward to unwrapping it from its plastic coating to release the scent in my bathroom. 

There were glass jars containing buttons placed on several wooden tables throughout the shop.  I took one badge that lauded the virtues of the barber.  I pinned it on my shirt.

I carried the soap in a paper bag back to the car that was parked at a pet store.  I went there earlier to buy shampoo for Rosie.  Medicated oatmeal soap for dogs.  She has dandruff.

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