Sunday, November 18, 2012

still-sound 125. Sunday morning & a shave

I slept so deeply last night.  I came home from an especially busy day at work exhausted to find cupcakes left at my door by my neighbor Tiffany.  I ate one after a large bowlful of Vietnamese vermicelli noodles.  I went to bed shortly afterwards.

This morning I emerged from a very dark bedroom to find that it had rained overnight.  The water on my balcony reflected the sky and trees.

After drinking a cup and a half of coffee I brushed shaving cream on to my face.  I recently acquired a badger brush and enjoy my new morning ritual.  It feels silky and nice to have the lather spread on my whiskers.  Beneath the soapy smell of the cream, the subtle but distinctive scent of a wet animal lurks.  I didn't expect this and consider it a nice surprise.

Delighted by the scent of wet animal fur.

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