Sunday, November 11, 2012

still-sound 123. Wedding

Saskia Wilson-Brown took this picture

This is a vase I gave to my friends Saskia and Micah for their wedding.  When Saskia sent me this picture I was surprised to see that she fit three stems of carnation through the small opening.  I love how the vase seems to have become a feature in an altar to the newly-married couple's awesomeness.

I went to their reception last week.  Saskia was sleek and beautiful in a golden, floor-length sequined gown.  Micah was dashing, tall and lean in a black suit.  A Cuban band played music and my friend Laura and I started to dance.  I didn't even know that I knew how to dance to Cuban music but somehow it all made sense.


  1. You're half Polish, half Korean -- but your moustache is Cuban. That's why you could dance to the music.

    I love that vase!

    1. I had never given much thought to a Cuban self-identification, but it makes so much sense! That's indeed why my body found all the right moves to the music. As Gloria Estefan noted, I felt the 'rhythm of the music getting stronger'.