Saturday, January 28, 2012

still-sound 36. Ala Kaboo

As I woke up this morning there was a song playing in my head.  It was Ala Kaboo by Sound 5, something I haven't heard or thought about in years.  I was surprised that I remembered the name of the band.  The song is funny.  Sung in a scouse accent and musically oscillating between TV jingle, disco and country western.  I bought the cd single from Woolworths on Bethnal Green Road.

Rob tells me that there's a song playing in his head almost every morning as he wakes up, as though his head is tuned in like a clock radio.

If you think this is what you do, Ala Kaboo!  Ala Kaboo!

I've heard theories suggesting that the brain is a receptor of the mind, like a radio tuning in information.  Mind, in fact, is non local.  It exists outside of time and space and enters our physical embodiment through the brain.  The brain itself does not create thought, it receives thought.  There are several arguments as to the name of the medium in which mind exists.  I like Akasha - the ether on which all thought and information leave a rippling imprint.

This morning as I woke up, my access to the akashic field became crosswired with Radio 1 circa 1999.

Ala Kaboo!  Ala Kaboo!

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