Sunday, January 1, 2012

still-sound 29. 2012

A few nights ago I took some pictures of the night sky from the field next to our apartment building.  I was happy to actually capture stars in a photograph after many failed attempts in the past.  I suppose I have a better camera now or at least a slightly better understanding of how to use it.

Last night and this morning I meditated while burning a stick of Kyara Seiran incense by Seijudo.  I consider it to be a particularly special scent so I only burn it on notable days.  As I often do while meditating I tried to think about the vastness of space.  I imagine the perfect blackness that carries light rays from stars.  A nothingness common to everyone and everything. The nothingness that breathes me.

Daniel Pinchbeck's writing has introduced me to some provocative ideas regarding 2012.  He describes his research into indigenous shaman cultures; prophecy traditions and the evolution of human consciousness.  He highlights other writers who describe the corruption and total collapse of structures that we've made to describe the world, rule ourselves and improve the lot we're born into (like government and free market capitalism to name two).  He talks about the wall we've created between humans and nature and our arrogant belief that nature is something that belongs to us.  Something we can control.

I appreciate Pinchbeck's tone.  He doesn't predict or damn or posit anything with absolute certainty.  He acknowledges the flimsiness of truth.  He simply points at the moon, (to borrow a Buddhist idea), and allows the reader to follow his own thought trajectory.

I don't know what to expect from 2012.  No one can know.  I welcome the year with a great openness.

Yesterday I bought a small cake from Doughboys on Beverly Boulevard.  Something sweet to have after a New Year's Eve dinner.  The woman who rang me up exuded a beaming positivity.  She was a little bit older and wore glasses.  I've met her several times in the past when I required a bakery fix.  She announced that "2012 is going to be a great year!  I can feel it.  Especially since 2011 ended so well.  They've even offered me more hours here".  I took her pronouncement as a very, very good sign.

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