Monday, January 23, 2012

still-sound 34. Fu-in Sandalwood

Today is Chinese New Year.  The new moon will begin the year of the Dragon.  To celebrate I will probably burn one of my favorite incenses right now, Fu-In Sandalwood by Minorien.  I say probably because I'm getting over a cold and my sense of smell is still a bit off.  Of the sandalwood incenses I've burned so far, this is the truest to the material.  It showcases high quality sandalwood from "the high mountains" and does not really rely on other notes like spices or florals.  It reminds me of the Santal de Mysore eau de parfum from Serge Lutens.  A thick, sweet sandalwood that somehow seems edible, maybe even a little nutty.  Minorien is known to make all-natural incenses that have a damp smell.  Of the ones I've tried from this brand I did detect an earthy fullness.  They do not produce dry smoke the way the Heian Koh by Kunmeido does (for example) so I suppose I too would describe Minorien incenses as damp.*

*Since writing this post I've burnt Fu-in Sandalwood many times.  I actually find myself craving this scent.  A perfect sandalwood incense and considering its very reasonable price would be a great addition to any incense collection. 9 Feb 2012

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