Wednesday, January 4, 2012

still-sound 30. Lava

I've been wanting to get the porous lava surface on some vases for a while now.  I learned that the addition of silicon carbide to most glaze mixtures will cause the effect.  I added a spoonful of the powder to a yoghurt-pot amount of glaze and brushed the mixture on to the bisqueware while it spun on the wheel. I was nervous that the surfaces would explode a bit in the kiln, ruining my fellow potters' work.  I decided that the risk was slim so I had them fired.  Thankfully there were no explosions.

 I collected the two larger pieces today.  A smaller pot was ready before Christmas.  I got a bunch of freesia for it so that the apartment would have that sweet, floral bubble-gum scent through the holidays.  I'm going to give the freesia pot to Francine when I next see her, the cool woman who gave me pure essential oil of the Sultan of Brunei ta'if rose.

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