Thursday, July 25, 2013

still-sound 185. Bowls and paper

I went to Little Tokyo on my day off yesterday.  I bought two porcelain bowls.  They were surprisingly inexpensive.  I like the net pattern and the little scene depicted in cobalt at the bottom.  I will use them for rice.  And possibly ice cream.

I also bought origami paper in a Japanese bookstore.  I plan to make many many paper cranes and hang them in the window of the perfumer shop where I work.  I've never attempted origami before.  Lately I've been watching youtube videos of origami demonstrations.  I seek video material that will lull me into a sleep.  I thought that I would like basketmaking tutorials but they, in fact, fail to relax me.  Too much talking.  I found that most origami instructionals are silent but for the sound of folding paper.  I will watch the one that teaches the crane design and try to stay focused.

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