Wednesday, August 22, 2012

still-sound 97. Notebooks

If I were kid, I would most certainly have my back-to-school supplies bought by now.  In fact, one of my highlights of summer vacation would be the trip to K-Mart to buy a new Trapper Keeper, pencils and folders. 

I still have a fetish for stationary.  Maybe it's because I'm half Asian.  Asians tend to love notebooks, stickers, erasers, pens and paper.  In fact my preferred stationers right now, Postalco, is now based in Japan, having gotten its start in Brooklyn.

Look at the little insert that comes inside a Postalco notebook.

If you're anything like me, you'll know how exciting this is.  You'll also love how the notebook paper is light blue and graphed.  I got a small notepad to jot down useful bits of information.  Like how to set the aperture and time on my camera when it's in manual mode.

I recently wrote down the names of Northern Soul songs that I wanted to try and find on record.  I hope the list grows but I know that it probably will not because I always forget that I'm even keeping a list of Northern Soul songs that I'd like to find on record.

Whenever I visit France I pick up some Rhodia notebooks, for myself and to give as gifts.  I realize that they're for sale at Blick's, two blocks away from my work on Beverly Blvd, but still, I bring them back from France in my suitcase as though they were exotic spices or fine silk.

Rob gave me this notebook when he came back from a recent trip to Munich.  He got it at Galeria Kaufhof.

It's still sealed in plastic.  I have no idea what I'll use it for.  It'll stay in plastic until I think of something.

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