Thursday, August 16, 2012

still-sound 95. One year

I started writing this blog exactly one year ago.  Happy birthday still-sound!

My intention was to visually keep track of the pots I was making in the ceramics studio and to record my impressions of the various incenses I'd been collecting.  Both endeavors are somehow related to my meditation practice.  The blog started to take on other themes and directions without my intending to do so.  It just did. 

I've started looking at my day-to-day life with a clearer lense. I constantly ask myself  if what I'm seeing and doing, as mundane as it may initially appear, is actually interesting.  It almost always is.  I just need to be still enough to notice.  I am grateful to have this blog, a transforming vessel where I get to throw ideas and memories in, and let them sit until it's time to float up.  Like a bubble.

Nevermind if most of my posts end up being about Rosie or my moustache. 

One realization that becomes clearer to me the more I sit still and take notice, is that all things are interconnected and affect each other.  We are all part of each other and we are all part of nature. What could possibly be more important and radical than to treat another human being and the Earth with kindness? 

I'm realizing more that everything constantly shifts and changes.  Our world, as dark and unbalanced as it may seem, is simultaneously host to profound, unexpected wonder. I am grateful for my everyday experiences. I am grateful that most people I meet are generous enough to tell me their stories.  Everyone has stories.  Fascinating ones.  

I am so grateful that there are people out in the world who choose to read about Rosie and my moustache in this blog.

I recently read something from Daniel Pinchbeck that I quite liked:

As we gain more flexibility in our thinking and emotional lives, reducing projections and attachments, we become more available to synchronicity, surprise and wonder – we become, internally, more free.

To another year of synchronicity, surprise and wonder.  And to freedom!

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  1. Happy birthday, still-sound! It always gives me a peaceful feeling to read you.