Wednesday, April 17, 2013

still-sound 163. Pen and ink

Anyone who's ever seen my handwriting knows how ridiculous it is.  It's the result of numerous years of pretension.  When I see a letter written in a particularly ornamental way, I try to take a mental note and work it into my practice.  I once wrote something down for a client in the perfume store and she remarked "you write like you're a Founding Forefather".  I allowed the curlicues of flattery to tickle me and forcibly kept myself from coming round the desk to hug her. 

I convinced myself that my letters would never reach their full potential until I invested in a pen designed to be dipped into an inkwell.  I finally did so yesterday.  My first scribbles were miserable failures - the ink was too runny and transparent, the paper did not absorb effectively and the nib was too wide.  When I came home I changed all three variables and came out with impressive results.  I practiced by writing La Redorte, Languedoc Rousillon, France since I will be going there tomorrow.

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