Monday, April 15, 2013

still-sound 162. Passionfruit

I think passionfruit is the it smell right now.  I noticed it in the initial phase of a tuberose perfume I like by Ramon Monegal called Kiss My Name.  I thought it was a clever note to use as it gave a brightness to the floral notes and a fruity juiciness without making it too sweet.  Since then I keep detecting it in perfumes even if there is no such note in the fragrance.  Phantom passionfruit.  

I've used the same hair product for years.  The packaging has recently changed but thankfully the texture and hold of the 'Power Putty' are the same.  I never much liked the scent of the product (overly sweet and overly fruity) and often thought that it compromised my scent identity.  But I continued to use it because I liked what it did to my hair.  When I scooped some putty out of the new-look jar I noticed that the smell had also changed.  "Ahhhh, nice!  Passionfruit!" I said to myself as I styled myself in the mirror.

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