Friday, March 29, 2013

still-sound 158. Vinegar

I keep hearing how vinegar is supposed to be an excellent all-purpose cleaner.  I've been wanting to put the theory to the test, but it's taken me a while to find white vinegar - they don't sell it at Trader Joe's.  Yesterday I had the day off from work so I tackled several projects that had been on my mind for a while.  Like cleaning with vinegar.

I mixed equal parts water and vinegar in a large bucket and cleaned the glass separating my living room from the terrace.  The results were impressive.  The glass was so crystal clear it appeared as though it weren't there at all.  Look at the glorious view from my kitchen.

I worried that the smell of the vinegar would be offensive.  It wasn't.  Its odor was surprisingly mild and short lived.  A smell that was offensive was the fertilizer I mixed into the water to nourish the plants.  It's all natural and, from the smell of it, is made from rotten fish guts.  I waited a while for the stink to go away.  Rosie didn't seem to mind.

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  1. You can find big bottles at Target or Smart and Final. Add to the fabric softener cup of your washing machine to help soften and deodorize.