Saturday, June 30, 2012

still-sound 80. Shoelaces

Last week a man with nice shoelaces came into the perfume store where I work.  The laces were red and complemented the chestnut shade of his shoes.  He bought them online from a company based in Brooklyn called The Knottery.  I showed him the dark oily brown suede shoes that I had on and enthused that they would do well to have a new set of fancy laces.  I'd been wearing this pair for over three years now.  They've been re-soled once. 

The gentleman with the nice laces looked at my shoes and suggested vanilla-colored.

I was impressed that he said vanilla-colored.  When I perused the website I found that indeed, there were vanilla laces on offer.*  I chose orange rosewood and royal blue.  They arrived two or three days later by post.  The color of the laces appeared (muted) through a small muslin bag.

The orange rosewood was more neon than I had ancipated, particularly as there was another pair actually called neon orange.**

I laced the oily brown suede shoes with orange rosewood and quite like the results.  I'm going to wear them to the perfume store today.

*technically the color is called Vanilla Cream
**my friend Laura and I came up with more appropriate names for the orange laces including Traffic Cone and Fort Lauderdale.


  1. You shoulda gone vanilla creme!!!
    : P

  2. I'm keeping vanilla creme in mind for future shoe reinventions.