Wednesday, June 6, 2012

still-sound 72. Barometer

These pink clouds floating over Los Angeles at dusk made me think of a funny little card my first grade teacher gave me.  I wasn't special, she gave it to all of the students finishing up their first year in school.  A parting gift, if you like.  The card had a picture of a steam locomotive with smoke billowing from the train.  The smoke was textured - fuzzy, like flock wallpaper.

The smoke-shaped fuzz changed color.  If you consulted the key in the bottom corner you could match the hue with upcoming meteorological conditions.  Light pink indicated fair skies.  Lavender blue would portend precipitation.  The shades in between indicated in-between weather.

I stood the barometer card on the windowsill of my bedroom when I got home.  The following morning, the first day of summer vacation, I looked at the card on the window. I openly accepted its promise of sunny skies.

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