Sunday, July 19, 2015

still-sound 217. The Price is Right

The Los Angeles Derby Dolls have moved from Echo Park to East Los Angeles, only a stone's throw from the house.  Brennan got us tickets to go see LA compete against the team from Minnesota.  Brennan and his roommate Iisac used to live in Minneapolis and would regularly go to roller derby.  They supported their Midwestern sisters, while Rob, Derrick and I cheered for LA.  LA clobbered them, something like 214 to 41.  I thought it was nice how the announcer tried to make the defeated team feel better, pointing out that this had been their second bout of the day.  At the end they started playing the theme music to The Price is Right.  Not sure why, but it made me realize how upbeat and cheery the tune was.  

This morning I found the theme music and put it in a new playlist I created called August 15.  I told Brennan how I was going to play the music at the perfume store where I work and make all of the customers guess the prices.

On my way into work I stopped by Blick to buy art supplies.  I had a coupon that would allow me 20% off a total purchase over $50.  I picked up some pieces of wood for carving, some pens, sketchbooks and a set of French Curves.  I didn't bother to calculate,  I know how things just add up.  When I went to the checkout to pay, the total bill came to $49 and change.  The sales associate said that I'd have to get one more thing to be able to use the coupon.  I grabbed one more pen.  She said "You're really good at shopping!  You should be on The Price is Right."

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