Thursday, January 2, 2014

still-sound 198. NYELA

Brennan suggested we check out the New Year's Eve festivities by City Hall.  It's the first time such an event was organized. This surprised me.  My initial reticence stemmed entirely from an anxiety over traffic, parking and drinking/driving.  The typical Angeleno concerns.  When he mentioned the possibility of walking over to the metro stop and taking public transportation, I was sold on the idea.

We filled a big plastic cup I acquired years ago from the San Diego Zoo with sparkling wine and creme de cassis.  The cup has a picture of a tiger on it.  We walked briskly and drained the cup by the time we reached the station.

I was impressed by the amount of people swarming the park by City Hall.  A seemingly successful turnout for the first ever NYELA celebration in downtown LA.  We acquired a map and walked a lap around the grounds.  We decided to wait in line at Starbucks.  We waited for 45 minutes.  I didn't mind though, I was getting cold and the hot coffee proved well worth the wait.

We found a spot by the beer garden and watched the psychedelic projections on the building.  As midnight approached, the time flashed briefly once a minute.  A 11:59 I expected a visual fanfare but was denied, until a countdown suddenly began from 10 seconds to midnight.  Understated and effective.  The excitement was palpable in the crowd.  We began walking to the metro station at 12:10 and returned to my house a short while later, the empty tiger cup still in hand.

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