Monday, October 21, 2013

still-sound 194. Echo Park

I've written so little in this blog lately.  I blame Instagram.  I also blame my search for a new house.  Since midsummer I've spent most of my free time looking at ugly places online and visiting them in real life.  I might be moving rather soon.  It depends on a lot of things.  But it's likely.

I will miss my neighborhood - especially Elysian Park.  When I run, I ascend several hills and can see the 5 freeway for miles.  It's almost always packed and I think to myself how glad I am that I'm not stuck in the traffic.

It's usually dark by the time I finish my run.  Once I saw a little light in the distance that kept changing color.  As I approached it I realized that it was dangling from the collar of a little dog.  The dog probably wore the light to help the owner find him when walking in the dark.  It offered little help that night since the dog seemed to be alone.  I tried getting closer in the hopes of finding a tag on his collar, but he scurried away.  I even made little clicky noises - something Rosie usually likes and responds to - to no avail.  I continued my run and found a little search party at the bottom of the hill.  They also spotted the lost dog and were trying to capture him.

As I got closer to my apartment building I noticed nice shadows on the pavement.  The streetlights cast them.  There will likely be shadows in my new neighborhood too.  But I will still miss Echo Park.


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