Thursday, September 12, 2013

still-sound 191. Robots and birds

Isn't this robot scary?  I like that it's made of wood.  Not necessarily the obvious choice of materials when creating a robot.  I wonder if in Olden Days robots were made of wood and springs and cogs?  Probably not.

My friend, and brilliant poet Jane Yeh wrote an incredible poem about robots in her last book called The Ninjas.  I bought it a couple of months ago and have read it several times - often before going to bed.  This is from The Robots:

In robot language, 'I' and 'you' are the same word.

I love this line the best in the poem.  This pertains to all robots.  Those made of wood and those made of kevlar and microchips I suppose.


I was so happy to discover that Jane shares my fascination with birds.  They often appear in her writing. I'm surprised I didn't already know this.  But I suppose we never really had aviary conversations in person.  In the poem Last Summer, she writes

Birds were cheeping and tweeting like crazy.
(Their lungs are so small they can't make complete sentences.)
In the trees they perched like tiny balloons, feet tethered to the branches

Tomorrow is Jane's birthday.  Tomorrow is already today in London where she lives.  So I wish her, with my big and full lungs, the happiest birthday.

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