Friday, August 9, 2013

still-sound 187. Soap

Growing up we only ever had Dial soap in the house.  My mother maintained a belief that it was somehow better for our skin.  That and Keri lotion.  When the bar dwindled to a slight, cracked version of its former self, my mother would throw it into the pink plastic hamper holding our dirty laundry.  She hoped that the soapy dregs would help to deodorize.

When my parents started to live apart, my father switched from Dial to Irish Spring.  I completely supported his choice.  I looked forward to watching the commercial where an actor sliced through a bar of the marbled green soap with a pocketknife as though it were a piece of cheese or fruit.  Clean as a whistle.  Dad used Irish Spring for the rest of his years.  Whenever I visited him in his home I could smell the soap throughout the house.  I bought him a bottle of Vetiver by Guerlain which he wore on special occasions, but I actually preferred the scent of Irish Spring.

Lately I've been using soaps by Juniper Ridge.  It's a line we started carrying at the perfume store where I work.  The flavor I've been using is called San Jacinto.  They're all natural so they don't lather up in the way I'm used to - but that's fine.  I feel adequately clean and my apartment is filled with the smell of evergreen.

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