Friday, September 28, 2012

still-sound 109. Moomin

Look what I found while clearing out my little storage unit.  A moomin!  And he's fishing.

In college, my friend Anna had moomin mugs.  She grew up in Andover.  Her family was Finnish.  She spent the summer before our senior year in Helsinki.  I was a little jealous.  Helsinki seemed so much more magical than Providence, Rhode Island.  We wrote letters to each other.  Following Anna's example, I wrote Lentoposti on the envelopes to help the Finnish mail carriers.  It's still the only word I know in Finnish.  It means Airmail.  But then, you knew that.

A few years ago I bought a couple of moomin mugs.  I must have bought something else that was strawberry flavored because I think of strawberries whenever I see these fantastic creatures. 

Here is another moomin object that I also have in my possession.

I don't remember actually buying this book.  I just seemed to own it one day.  The characters look so crazy.  Especially the two red-headed creatures opening the circular door.  Once a Scandinavian friend translated the entire book for me so that I would know the story, which is quite kooky and funny.  I seem to have since forgotten though.


  1. Anna here. A few years back, I went to Moominworld- which is basically the equivalent of Disneyland for Finnish people. Pretty surreal. Everyone there was Finnish, Swedish or Japanese, oddly enough- because for some reason Moomins are popular there. All my daughter wanted to do was go up to the people in those giant furry costumes and hug them repeatedly.

  2. Your daughter had the right idea. I have a feeling that if I had gone to Moominworld, all I would want to do is hug moomins as well.