Friday, July 27, 2012

still-sound 88. Crop circles

This is a vase I made a few months ago.  I decorated it by applying gold leaf in a pattern.  The configuration made me think of crop circles.

My friend Amely is in Wiltshire, England right now - the epicenter of crop circle activity.  A few nights ago, she and a fellow circle enthusiast put forth an intention for a pattern to appear in the fields overnight, in their immediate area.  The next morning, a stone's throw away in Bishops Canning, this appeared... 

Tony Austin took this picture. 
It appears on

Amely wrote about it on Facebook; "I went to lie down in it and what I can tell you is that I felt a very distinct presence there.  I tend to be a skeptic about my own ability to detect energy from external sources.  But there it was."

I've written about crop circles several times.  They fascinate me.  I don't know if they come from a mysterious origin or if they are examples of anonymous land art.  Either way, they're beautiful.

Recently I met Lisa, a friend of a friend.  I enjoyed our conversation.  She had the word 'unison' tattooed on her wrist in school-taught cursive writing.  Something Lisa said stuck in my mind --

"there's so much magic in the air right now.  It's exciting."

This is a wonderful way to feel in midsummer.

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