Wednesday, May 30, 2012

still-sound 70. What I saw in France

I forgot how France sounds.  In California the very idea of France is so distant and abstract.  It feels almost fictional.  When you come back to a place it becomes instantly familiar because you have to take everything in so completely; everything beautiful but also everything mundane and inclement.  A full immersion where all the details make sense and the film of sentimentality is wiped.  Southern France sounds like swallows.  The birds have a constant, high-pitched chirp, almost like bats.  They dart and dive in irregular patterns like bats too, only much faster.


  1. That glittery, lit-up pig on that patina'd to hell street! Wowie wow!

  2. I know, isn't it nuts? It advertises a charcuterie at the end of our street. Last year the pig was made of pink neon. This year the sign is new - lit by pink led lights. It's even brighter than before! I think it's going to become a landmark not only of our village but of the entire area as a whole!