Wednesday, March 14, 2012

still-sound 50. Fortune Teller

As above so below.  I've been drawn to these words for quite some time - they've become something of a mantra for me.  They're associated with Hermeticism and the Western esoteric tradition.  To understand the microcosm is to understand the macrocosm and vice versa -- a fractral approach to understanding existence.  I considered having these words tattooed on my arm but instead chose drawings associated with alchemy.

A few weeks ago I had an electrifying conversation with a new friend, Brittany.  The more we talked, the more it became apparent that we had many similar interests.  We decided to continue our chat over beers at Mohawk Bend.  The main topics that filled the air over our pizza included clairvoyance, Japan, out-of-body experience and dogs. She described a particularly insightful meeting she had with a gifted medium named Chassidy.  I'd been interested in finding a clairvoyant for quite a while but felt that a certain amount of synchronicity would be required. It seemed almost pointless to pursue. When Brittany mentioned that she had her meeting at the House of Intuition, only a block away from where we were sitting, supping pints, I took my cue almost immediately and scheduled an appointment for a reading.

I didn't anticipate being so nervous walking up the stairs leading to the house.  A woman who genuinely smiled with her entire face led me to a dark room and misted the air with the scent of palo santo.  I meditated alone for several minutes, the led lights on the cd player softly reflecting colored spots on the wall.  The woman with the smile reentered and ushered me into an inner room where Chassidy sat at a table waiting for me.  I sat down and she asked me to tell her my full name and birth date.  She looked down into her lap for thirty seconds, her fingers gently curving around the crystals sitting in the palms of her hands.  She started to relay the messages that entered her head.

She talked about my ancestors.  She described the dynamics I currently had with those closest to me.  She talked about my father and my eyes filled.  We both spoke quietly.  We had matching smiles, the kind you have when you cry.  

She talked about my fascination with magic and alchemy not only in this life but in past ones as well.  I laughed and told her how the arm under my thick sweatshirt was covered with alchemical symbols.  Chassidy desribed my life in detailed archetypal imagery.  Her messages sounded familiar and in several instances uncanny.  After thirty minutes the woman with the smile knocked on the door which signalled that the reading was drawing to a close.  The clairvoyant and I thanked each other and smiled for the last time before I left.

When I got home I looked up the significance of the Magician tarot card.  I read its Wikipedia entry.  This is something it said:   He embodies the lesson of "as above, so below", the lesson that mastery in one realm may bring mastery in another.

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