Friday, November 18, 2011

still-sound 17. UFO

This isn't a UFO.  I had hoped it was but even as I took the picture I knew it was just a cluster of balloons.

I always wanted to see a UFO.  Earlier this week I visited my mom in Arizona.  There was a famous UFO sighting there several years ago, some refer to it as the Phoenix Lights.  The accounts are remarkable.  A craft at least a mile long, shaped like a black triangle slowly hovered above the Earth without making a sound.  It had lights along the bottom that glowed a golden amber.  Some said that the lights seemed to 'impart knowledge'.  Is it any wonder why I want to see a UFO?

I seem to miss significant UFO sightings that I feel I should have witnessed.  The Phoenix Lights happened before my mom moved to Arizona so there's no chance I would have seen it myself although I regularly go to that area now.  I saw a TV dramatization of a sighting in Bucks County Pennsylvania, where I happened to have been born and grew up.  One account was particularly interesting.  A woman saw a craft flying over her backyard.  It released a mist of shimmering crystals (she called it glitter) which floated down like snow and covered a tree.  Several moments later the crystals rose from the tree and ascended back to the craft.  Of course things like this didn't happen in Bucks County when I lived there.

Yesterday morning I saw at least five helicopters flying above downtown LA.  They were there to monitor the Occupy Wall Street protests.  I'm not sure why there were five - surely the act of peacefully resisting a broken government and a culture controlled by greed doesn't require a militaristic-like presence.  The choppers gave the air a sensational feeling of criminality.  I expected to see OJ's SUV speeding past on the 110 Freeway.

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